Our knowledge and experience make us uniquely qualified to create a custom design for your project.


After design, the next key step is installing the equipment properly so that the systems will work seamlessly.


Understanding the system design and operational requirements is critical to overall quality and performance.

At Signature Sight and Sound, quality, performance, budget, training and client satisfaction are important to us.


Webster’s Dictionary defines partnership as two or more people who take part in some activity in common, two or more people engaged in the same business enterprise, or two or more people associated in a business venture. We define this in the same way with the caveat that within our partnerships, we seek to ultimately serve our clients.

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Personal Attention

Every client has specific needs, philosophies and goals. Each project is unique and requires a different design approach. The uses of technology systems are as diverse as the clients we serve. We understand this and work closely with each of our clients to ensure the design, installation and training meets the needs, desires and budget.