Signature Sight & Sound

Church Pain Points Series (Part 1): Lack of Vision

We often hear lamenting from church leaders about a lack of vision by folks anywhere from the leadership itself to volunteers to church members. While the staff and leaders are very strong in “ministry,” frequently they can’t grasp the potential of a technology-driven mission field… much less understand how to get there.

Consider the church in the middle of a building program. There is general excitement with much attention and funds devoted to aesthetics — from stained glass windows to decorative brickwork — but they will use as little money as possible for AV.

This leads one to contemplate the purpose of the ministry. While the brickwork is nice, are you in the business of showcasing the beauty of masonry? No. You’re in the business, for lack of a better word, of presenting information (the Gospel) to help people spiritually and to grow in their Christian faith. Everything in the facility will be presented via the spoken word, in song, music, theatrical performances, interpretive movement, or video. In every one of those scenarios, audio, video, and lighting are the primary tools required to execute them.

Which is the most important focus for congregants: the surroundings in the church or the content of the message? Surroundings fade, but a message heard and seen can change lives and have an eternal impact. A piece of crown molding can’t do that. The purpose of this illustration is to point out the importance of understanding the level of importance that should be given to planning and budgeting for the primary tools that will be used for every service in the facility. All too often these tools are a mere afterthought.

Signature Sight and Sound helps our clients define their vision by asking the right questions and listening intently. We advise on the appropriate systems for our clients’ specific types of worship, demographics, and resources.