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Church Pain Points Series (Part 2): Keeping Up With Technology

Many churches were caught unprepared when COVID-19 hit in 2020. Many worship facilities were forced to close their doors with no way to reach their congregation. The churches that had kept up-to-date with the ever-changing technological environment were ready to livestream services to their congregants and maintain contact with them digitally during that very difficult time. There is no doubt that spiritual and mental well-being was greatly affected by the inability to gather together to worship and hear the Word of God in person. The impact was much worse for those folks who couldn’t at least watch and hear it from home.

Forward-thinking in the technology field requires time and focus. While necessary, this focused attention takes important time away from the many other responsibilities of the church staff. That is why it often suffers and explains how so many churches got caught unprepared.

The staff at Signature Sight and Sound are “in the know” about new technologies that are being introduced, the faithful tried-and-true technologies, and what works best in different environments, with different resources and budgets. We give this priority because we know we must be equipped to steer our clients in the right technology direction based on their current needs, budget, resources, and future goals.