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Church Pain Points Series (Part 3): Lack of Understanding

Church Pain Points Series (Part 3): Lack of Understanding

Updated, relevant technology used wisely can have a lasting and positive impact in the worship environment. However, some church leaders feel uncomfortable or uneasy talking about it. That unease may stem from an ignorance of available technology, a lack of time to pursue and learn about technology, or just a lack of understanding of what’s available.

Some clergy worry that the use of this medium could result in watering down the message of Christ or becoming a distraction. Used properly, however, church technology can be utilized to expand the sharing of the Gospel in however subtle or intense one desires.

Having individually served in church ministries for decades, Signature Sight and Sound’s core partners have a great understanding of how church leadership thinks and operates. We know the checks and balances that exist and how introducing new technology can impact the congregation, as does any change.

Signature understands the “pains” associated with balancing culture, history, community, and generational concerns, all while remaining steadfast in the message of Christ. Our personal experience lends us the ability to not only hear concerns as they are expressed to us but to also appreciate the importance they represent.

Together, our clients and Signature work out the best solutions to meet their individual needs.