Signature Sight & Sound


Every facility is unique. Every project requires a different design approach. Our knowledge and experience make us uniquely qualified to create a custom design for your project.

Buildings have different designs, different events and applications for the facility — some have multiple uses in the same area. We design our systems keeping the balance of flexibility, capability, complexity and operation in mind so maximum potential of the systems can be achieved.

During the design stage, Signature Sight and Sound often acts as a technical systems and acoustical consultant to the architect/engineer as well as the client. We offer future needs infrastructure insight as well as full-service technical systems design and documentation.

Our main goal at this stage is to have a complete understanding of the client’s immediate needs and their desires for the future. With this understanding in place, we work closely with the owner to ensure that the design meets both needs and budget.

During the new construction phase or system renovation, we strive to stay abreast of the project and keep schedules without delay.