Signature Sight & Sound


Signature Sight and Sound provides the very best technical systems that are based on current and future needs of the specific purpose and help our clients plan ahead for future technology expansion and capability. We utilize products from hundreds of manufacturers, allowing us the ability to choose the absolute correct piece of equipment for each and every application.

After design, the next key step is installing the equipment correctly — a good design and the proper parts are only part of the story. If the installation is done properly, the system will work seamlessly. If not, problems will plague the system forever.

There are different aspects to the installation process, including rigging, wiring, termination, and connectivity. One extremely important part of the installation process is how it will affect the overall look and feel of the facility. This is especially important on projects involving new construction.

With our experience in all aspects of new construction, our ability to work directly and communicate with architects and general contractors ensures proper infrastructure elements are in place so that the design can be achieved.

Proper installation is not about just hanging speakers from the ceiling or hanging baffles. The installation must work for the architectural elements present in the facility to provide a clean, crisp look and performance.

Signature Sight and Sound provides a professional installation with all the attention to detail that is required. We install systems that sound, function and look great, and of which you can be proud.