Signature Sight & Sound

Systems for Performance Theatres

We are a full-service design/integration firm specializing in areas of performance and presentation audio/visual systems; acoustical design and treatment; theatrical lighting/house lighting and integration; staging/theatrical curtain rigging; broadcast/recording systems; facility networking; technical system project management; camera and video recording, streaming.

The process is simple.

  • We schedule a meeting so we can learn about your facility and its functional requirements.
  • We discuss the project in depth to make sure that all of the technology goals are met for today and for future growth.
  • We provide guidance to ensure that every area is addressed and the ancillary areas that are affected are also discussed.
  • We provide the very best equipment choices based on the need, but also with the your budget and resources in mind.
  • We take all of the information collected and create a proposal with all-inclusive (turn-key) pricing.

This is where we can design a complete system that can be implemented in logical steps.

All of this is done at no cost to you. If we are selected for the project, we provide all services from the technical architectural drawings, interaction with the GC and other trades, to final training for the technical personnel.