Signature Sight & Sound

Technology Systems for Retail / Industrial Facilities

Our services for retail environment include speech privacy and sound masking, technology systems for boardrooms, conference rooms, distributed audio/video, acoustical treatment, lighting, technical system project management, and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems.

It has become challenging for non-industry individuals to stay abreast of all the changes and advancements in performance and technical systems in recent years. Our expertise and experience in these areas are paramount any project requiring performance and technical systems. We provide total system design, component selection, installation, training and unmatched service. This assures that from the beginning of your project to the end, your systems, schedules and service will work together in concert.

Our system designs take the operator into consideration as well as the audience. This is critical. You must have an understanding of the skill level of the everyday operators to design a system that functions trouble-free and to a level appropriate for the venue.

We understand the dynamics of dealing with personnel that have some experience with technical systems but may not be equipped to operate higher caliber systems. Our goal is to make sure everyone involved in the systems’ operation has a full understanding of them. Whether our clients are novice or experienced operators, our technology team will work to ensure that they are completely trained and that the systems meet the needs of the venue.